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White Corn Posole / Prepared Hominy
Quantity in Basket: None
Code: 3POS
Price: $5.95
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds

After a gentle simmer, dried hominy opens up like a delicious flower and is ready to use in soups, stews and the classic southwestern and Mexican dish, Pozole (or Posole). The corn is prepared by removing the skins after soaking them in the mineral lime (cal), changing the flavor (for the better) and releasing the niacin, making this slightly processed grain heathier than simple dried corn or cornmeal.

The real fun is cooking posole. After soaking, you simmer it for a few hours with an onion and before long, your whole kitchen smells like a glorious, delicious wet tortilla.

Also known as dried nixtmal, you can use the cooked corn in a stew or toss them with some beans. Leftovers can be pureed for hominy grits.

A key ingredient to the classic dish, posole. Add the cooked grain to chicken stock, some rehydrated chiles, meat and vegetables for a traditional dish. You can also use them in salads or tossed with bitter greens.



Product of New Mexico.

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Customer Reviews

Average Customer Rating ratingratingratingratingrating Number of Reviews: 2

ratingratingratingratingrating Reviewer: Sharon, Redmond, United States 01/08/2015
Takes more time than hominy from a can but the end product is SOOO much better. Lovely individual kernels of corn goodness. Best pozole ever.

ratingratingratingratingrating Reviewer: Richard, La Plata, United States 12/31/2012
This posole is terrific. Don't confuse this with the waxy stuff out of a can. This has a great flavor and texture. I can just eat them right out of the pot...

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