Feel the Chili Love

Help us celebrate this classic American dish, born in Texas, with a huge nod of the sombrero to Mexico and now enjoyed (and modified) from coast to coast.

Good chili starts with good chiles and that's what we have with our 100% Pure New Mexican Chile Powder. But we don't stop there. We have beans, oregano and even a sampler kit, ready to spread the chili love among your tribe. 

We know that for many, chili is made with pinto beans. That's all well and good, but heirloom beans of all kinds should be considered! A good chili bean is firm but not gummy or starchy like Navy beans. It should have a thin skin and exude an indulgent bean broth that adds a velvety texture to your chili. Hey! We have beans that just fit the bill. 

We recommend: Alubia Blanca, Ayocote Morado, Ayocote Negro, Caballero, Domingo Rojo, Eye of the Goat, Midnight, Moro, Pinto, Rebosero, Rio Zape, Royal Corona, San Franciscano, Sangre de Toro, Santa Maria Pinquito, Vaquero and Yellow Indian Woman. 

And because we feel the love, we wanted to share with you a free ebooklet to download, The Rancho Gordo Chili Manifesto. From traditional Texas chili con carne to a modern twist or two, the book is waiting for you to download now. 

Not into meat? Not a problem around here. We also have a free ebooklet to download for vegetarians and vegans. Download the Rancho Gordo Vegetarian Chili Recipes booklet now. 

The cherry on the top (or maybe better to say the cheddar) is a video with our friend Taylor Boetticher of The Fatted Calf, an opinionated Texan who loves food. Is there any other kind? You'll enjoy his techniques and thoughts on a classic "bowl of red".