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Rancho Gordo dried Buckeye bean
A white bowl with cooked Buckeye beans- Rancho Gordo
Rancho Gordo dried Buckeye beans in a strainer
In a white bowl there's cooked Buckeye beans topped with nopal and salsa with a spoon
A hand holding some dried Rancho Gordo Buckeye Beans

Buckeye Bean

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1 Lb Bag

A small, dense yet velvety bean that holds its shape and provides a rich bean broth. Easily one of the staff's favorite beans.

What a great bean this is! It's quick growing and unique tasting. It goes by a few different names, including Yellow Indian Woman (which is what we used to call it).

Buckeye is incredibly creamy, almost more like a classic black turtle bean than anything else. It's dense without being intense, if that makes sense.

Buckeye beans can be traced to Montana. Because of the short Montana growing season, these beans have been bred to grow fast and plentiful. You can almost watch the vines grow while standing in the bean fields on a summer day. Well, maybe not quite, but they are prolific!

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Latin name

Phaseolus vulgaris

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"My favorites come from Steve Sando's Rancho Gordo in nearby Napa. He grows some of the best beans in the world. "

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