Canela (Soft Cinnamon)

$ 1.75

Soft, warm cinnamon, perfect for sweet and savory dishes with none of the harsh antiseptic properties of more common hard cinnamon. 

From the Latin Cinnamomum verum, our Sri Lankan-style cinnamon is soft and mellow. Unlike the more common Cassia aromaticum, canela is often referred to as "true cinnamon." Its bark is softer and the flavor is less astringent than common commercial cinnamon.

Cooking suggestions: More often than not, sticks are steeped in liquid to infuse flavor. You can also grate with a microplane grater or just add some to a blender when making a sauce. Don't forget to allow it to steep in your hot milk for morning coffee! It works great with clove and garlic for an exotic twist on chili and stews. Roasting it on a hot dry skillet or comal brings out a warm, nutty flavor. 

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