Piloncillo (Evaporated Cane Sugar)

$ 7.95

Rich, pure evaporated sugar cane juice in granular form.

Technically, this isn't sugar. It's evaporated sugar cane juice. Sugar is much more processed. It comes from an indigenous cooperative of the Teenek nation in the Huasteca region of San Luis Potosi. The growers make their piloncillo by traditional methods of heat and evaporation. There is no sulfur used in any part of the process. The cooperative is incredibly proud of their product, from growing the cane without burning the fields, to drying the piloncillo into a granulated form instead of the more common cone-shaped molds that are awkward to use.

The Poytzen cooperative makes this piloncillo and they are very serious about their work. Of course you're getting a great product when you order the piloncillo but you're also helping out some great people who are trying to keep old methods of artisan food alive despite a world that doesn't give us much encouragement for that!

Cooking suggestions: The first thing you'll notice about this piloncillo is the deep, rich flavor. It's not as sweet as sugar but it adds a richness and depth that sugar just doesn't have. You can use it to replace sugar in just about anything. My morning espresso is now pepped up with some piloncillo and a cinnamon stick that have been heating up in milk. Our popcorn has a good buddy now with some piloncillo melted in butter for a kettle corn type topping. Bakers will appreciate the secret process that keeps the piloncillo granulated instead of in a cone shape. One local chef takes one part piloncillo and two parts of our banana vinegar and mixes them for a sauce to pour over vanilla ice cream. It may sound odd but it sure works for me!

These items are the results of our two companies working together to help small farmers and producers continue to grow their indigenous products in Mexico, despite international trade policies that seem to discourage genetic diversity and local food traditions.
Product of Mexico. Produced in Mexico under the supervision of the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project.

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