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Small Puglia lentils
A mushroom dish with puglia lentils and flat lead parsley. The bowl rests on a wood table with a cloth napkin and a vintage spoon.
A white bowl of Puglia lentils rests on a wood table.

Puglia Lentil

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Firm, nutty lentil prized throughout Italy and commonly eaten on New Year's Day for good luck. Grown for Rancho Gordo in Puglia, Italy.

So much good food comes from Puglia (pronounced Pool-ya, more or less), and these Lentils, or lenticchie in Italian, are no exception. 

Lentils are prized in the Mediterranean, and most Italians would agree that the best lentils come from Southern Italy. We're ecstatic to offer you this new crop harvest for a limited time. 

Use them as you would any lentil but be sure and try them in a salad. Their delicate, nutty flavor is perfect at room temperature.

Some of us grew up with lousy food co-op bulk bin brown lentils and might be a little hesitant to try these. We think these are very easy to like.

Please note: These lentils were harvested on equipment shared with wheat. We are finding some wheat kernels mixed in with the lentils and if wheat is an allergen for you, we recommend avoiding this crop. As with all our crops, we recommend sorting and checking for organic debris, and rinsing well.

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Lens culinaris

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