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The Rancho Gordo Xoxoc Project Sampler

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The beans and oregano in this sampler are the results of our two companies working together to help small farmers continue to grow their indigenous beans in Mexico, despite international trade policies that seem to discourage genetic diversity and local food traditions. We are working with small farmers, mostly in the Hidalgo area (with plans to expand). These beans are their local beans and quite likely this is the first time they've offered outside of their region, let alone outside of Mexico. The beans have been saved and passed down for generations and now you have a unique opportunity to try them for yourself.

Because these rare beans are grown using centuries-old methods, they may contain small pebbles or other natural debris. Please clean them thoroughly before cooking! 

AYOCOTE NEGRO (1 pound bag)
Similar to Ayocote Morado but black in color, this thick-skinned bean is beautiful and very large. It's a firm bean but goes from dense to creamy with continued cooking. Ayocote Negro have a darker, inky bean broth than other runner beans enjoy. Use them in soup, salads, and any recipe that calls for a runner bean.

AYOCOTE BLANCO (1 pound bag)
This super-rich mid-sized white bean holds its shape through long cooking but manages to stay creamy. A versatile runner bean. Originally from Oaxaca, Mexico, the Ayocote family was one of the first cultivated crops of the New World. They are grown all over central and northern Mexico.

MORO (1 pound bag)
Velvety yet solid, Moro beans seem to be a cross between a pinto and a black bean, with a rich, dense texture and a bean broth that you could eat alone as a soup, without the beans! Raw, the markings have to be among the prettiest of all our heirloom beans, but it's when they've been cooked that you'll be especially happy with them. This bean was first spied in Puebla, Mexico. Later, we found farmers in Hidalgo who were growing a version with just a touch of purple mixed in and we were smitten.

REBOSERO (1 pound bag)
An heirloom bean passed down for generations in rural Hidalgo, Mexico, this small, compact bean produces a rich, flavorful broth. Enjoy these beans on their own, perhaps served with some chopped onion and a little cheese. They'd also be good for chilis, stews, and refried beans.

OREGANO INDIO (0.4 oz jar)
This versatile, hand-harvested indigenous herb is grown for us by an oregano cooperative in Tlahuitelpa, Mexico. It's less citrusy than the standard Mexican oregano and there's an indescribable earthiness that makes it infectious.

Not available for shipping to Canada.

These items are the results of our two companies working together to help small farmers and producers continue to grow their indigenous products in Mexico, despite international trade policies that seem to discourage genetic diversity and local food traditions.

Product of Mexico. Produced in Mexico under the supervision of the Rancho Gordo-Xoxoc Project.

This product includes a 5% "tariff" that will be donated to No More Deaths, a humanitarian aid group that provides water and other assistance to migrants and refugees along the US border. For more information, see our blog post.

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