Amaranth Seeds

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An ancient grain from Mesoamerica, loaded with protein. The seeds can be cooked for a porridge or popped for a light grain that can be added to salads or used in power snack bars. 

Amaranth is a strange and wonderful gluten-free grain that's loaded with history and protein. Mexicans pop it and pack it in a sweet syrup and eat it as a candy bar called alegria. Here in the states it's best known as a hot breakfast cereal or ground and added to flour for a protein punch for baked goods.

Some strains of amaranth are known as pigweed and are a nuisance weed during the summer. Others are red and beautiful and are used in cut flower arrangements. Ours is a golden grain variety and the tiny grains are packed with protein and ready to use.

Cooking suggestions: Make it part of your multi-grain hot breakfast cereal or pop it and add the popped seeds to salads for a very nice crunch. Or to pop, get a light pan very hot and add the seeds a spoonful at a time. Within seconds, they start popping. Remove the popped seeds and move on to the next batch. Don't use oil and be prepared to burn a few while you get the hang of it. 

Latin: Amaranthus

Country of production: Peru

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