Baia Pasta: Spelt Pasta

$ 7.95

Your perfect pasta dinner is just a boiling pot of water away. Baia Pasta uses whole grain spelt, a nutritious and ancient grain with a deep nutlike flavor. Made in Oakland, California. These boxes of small batch pasta remind you of how much you love good pasta. That's something easy to forget in these days of commercial pasta that are rubbery or fall apart. 

Choose between Sardinians, little shell shaped pasta or Accordions, the open tubes with lots of texture. Both are idea for Pasta e Fagioli or minestrone soups. Don't forget a simple bowl with olive oil, some garlic and a bit of Parmesan cheese. It doesn't get much better. 

Need a little inspiration? Please download our e-booklet The Pasta e Fagioli Manifesto here

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