Book: Cassoulet, A French Obsession

$ 15.95

"A heavy bowl, full to the brim with steaming beans and cured meats, blanketed by a golden filigree of crust, resting on my kitchen table. This image, my friends, is my inspiration for this book."

Just in time for our Cassoulet bean harvest, we have this wonderful book full of lore and recipes from author Kate Hill, who runs charcuterie programs and courses at her home and school in France, the Kitchen-at-Camont.

A great holiday fantasy is to sit around a table with selected good friends, approved family members, plenty of wine and a huge cassoulet, piping hot from the oven. With Kate’s book in hand, this fantasy is within reach.

In addition to an in-depth recipe for classic cassoulet from Kate’s town of Camont, she also indulges us with an all-duck cassoulet, a quicker pork-and-beans version and much more. Many of us are intimidated by the whole process but Kate writes like a good friend helping you out over the phone as you attempt something just slightly beyond your comfort level.

We asked Kate about her goals in writing the book and she said, “It was an invitation for people to try to bring a little France into their homes, into their kitchens.” 


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