Dried Chile: Guajillo

$ 4.00

Light, bright and fiery hot, these chiles are an essential part of the Mexican kitchen. You can use them alone or mix them with Anchos for a deeper chile sauce. Classic with chicken dishes. 

If you're comparing chiles, we like to think of them this way:
Anchos: The foundation. Dense, raisiny but mild heat. Ideal for Sauces
Guajillos: Light and hot, super fruity. Nice for sauces but not a lot of body. We like 2 anchos to 1 guajillo. 
De Arbol: Very hot. Mostly for salsas.
Cascabel: No real heat but great nutty flavor. Mostly used for salsas. 

Download our Rancho Gordo Chile Guide here 

Latin: Capsicum annuum
Production: Mexico

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