Pasta e Fagioli Sampler: Whole Grain Spelt

$ 27.95

Love and marriage. Corned beef and cabbage. Liz and Dick. Minneapolis and St Paul. And perhaps the most lovely pair of all: pasta e fagioli. The Italians do so many things right, especially in the kitchen, and this marriage of pasta and beans tops my list.

The inspiration for this sampler came from my friends Renato and Dario of Baia Pasta. I’ve had pasta e fagioli for years and I liked it but it’s been the combination of their excellent pasta, made in Oakland with superior organic American wheat, with our heirloom beans that has made me mildly obsessive.

To help you make the absolute best pasta e fagioli you can, we are offering a special sampler with two different Baia pastas and two different Rancho Gordo heirloom beans. Each sampler will have two packages of pasta, one Rochetti (accordions) and one Gnochetti Sardi (or Sardinians) made with either organic American durum wheat flour or organic whole spelt, an ancient, flavorful grain similar to wheat. A pound each of our velvety cranberry beans and our gigantic, creamy Royal Coronas are included, along with a printed version of Baia Pasta's master recipe. Now you have no excuse! These are the keys to an incredible pasta e fagioli and you’ll have enough to experiment and make the dish your own. 

Need a little inspiration? Please download our e-booklet The Pasta e Fagioli Manifesto here
(Right click on the link if you want to save it to your hard drive.)

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