Staff Favorites Gift Box

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Four favorite beans, selected by Rancho Gordo staff, to be enjoyed by you! 

As Featured in the January 2017 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine

We're fully aware that a huge part of Rancho Gordo's success is our employees. Most of them come in with a nice appreciation of what we're doing and then soon become our most ardent advocates and experts on the fine art of bean cooking. From shipping to accouting to production, we're all  fans of heirloom beans. 

We asked the staff to pick some of their favorites and the choices made so much sense, we've put together this gift box with four of our favorites in a gift box (collectible wooden box is optional) that is sure to come in handy long after the beans have been enjoyed. Includes a handy recipe sheet. 

Ana's Pick: Alubia Blanca Beans 
"Alubia Blanca beans are one of my favorite to cook! The bean itself is very small compared to other beans we offer. Once it is cooked it has a very soft texture, but I did notice that you have to be careful when cooking them as they break apart easily. I grew up eating Pinto beans, and when I started working here I was amazed at the variety of beans and Alubia Blanca caught my eye. I have never seen a bean so small and I was very interested in how it tasted. When I learned the Rancho Gordo cooking method, the first beans I cooked were the Alubia Blanca. After they were done I tried them and I loved them! I would say they are great in soups. Usually when I make chicken soup I add Alubia Blanca and they are amazing! It’s a perfect soup for those cold and windy days. For me cooking them with onion, garlic, Oregano Indio, olive oil, and salt at the end is just perfect!" -Ana

Jennifer's Pick: Christmas Lima Beans
"As a kid, I thought Lima Beans were pretty awful, especially after they'd been overcooked into flavorless oblivion so I was reluctant to even try the Christmas Lima Beans. They are so far off from being flavorless that I was amazed! The flavor is nutty and the swirls of color on the beans are so pretty. I love nothing more than a bowl that has been simply cooked with a sprinkle of gorgonzola over the top. Divine!" -Jennifer 

Eric's Pick: Santa Maria Pinquito Beans
"I can’t get enough of our Santa Maria Pinquito beans, mainly because it seems like I have yet to run out of different and delicious ways to use them. They’re an excellently plump little bean that pulls its weight in a chili, on a green salad, or on their own. I always make the full pound so that I can enjoy them throughout the week with as many meals as possible. They're the perfect bean for grilled meats & veggies but pair well with nearly any food." -Eric 

Nancy's Pick: Yellow Eye Beans
"Yellow Eye became my favorite bean because it was the first one I tried when I started working at Rancho Gordo. I was amazed by its texture, flavor and look. What I love most about it is the delicious, thick broth it creates when you cook it. It's the perfect bean to use in any baked bean or soup recipe. If you haven't tried it you are missing out!" -Nancy

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