Tepary Bean (White Tepary)

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Small, hearty and dense bean that's drought-tolerant and indigenous to the American southwest. White teparies are slightly sweet. 

Suggestions: Salads, pot beans, dips, casseroles, soup, chili

Can a bean be romantic? We think so! Teparies are indigenous to North America and were developed by Native Americans to be drought-tolerant. Higher in protein and fiber than other beans (which are already super foods), what more can you ask for in food? Flavor and texture? You got it! The small beans plump up a bit but keep a meaty, dense texture. Can you tell we're smitten?

Tepary beans are savory, but the white version tends to be slightly sweet. Teparies look a bit like lentils but they have nothing in common with lentils other than their small, compact size. In fact, they take as long to cook as an average-sized bean.
Really a splendid bean worth discovering!

Latin name: Phaseolus acutifolius

Country of production: USA

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