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Mushroom "Carnitas" with Heirloom White Beans

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These boiled, then fried, mushrooms are intense and delicious. We love them with our Cassoulet beans but Alubia Blanca, Ayocote Blanco, Flageolet or Marcella beans would all be great. You can also chop them up finer and use them in lots of other dishes. A taco with just the mushrooms and some cheese would be terrific. The recipe has morphed from the original but the technique for the mushrooms comes from the blog, He Cooks, She Cooks, from a technique developed by Dave Arnold and Niles Noren at the International Culinary Center (NYC).

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Chili con Carne: Keeping Things Simple

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The last of my conversation with Taylor Boetticher (The Fatted Calf) on chili con carne. We both are smitten with our mutual friend, Georgeanne Brennan and we discuss her influence and the general need for good ingredients and simple cooking.

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Ask a Texan: Chili con Carne for the Ages

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We're on a Chili con Carne kick. In a big way. Please join us as we learn from a master, my pal Taylor Boetticher from The Fatted Calf (Napa and San Francisco). After you watch the video, download our free ebook on chili and order some of our 100% pure chile powder and make your own bowl of red. We know that chili people are like martini drinkers and often they are willing to duel with someone they disagree with. I'd love to hear your comments below but let's make sure we remain civil.

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How Lucky Can You Get? Black Eyed Peas for New Years Day

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We get more requests for Black Eyed Peas for New Year’s Day than just about anything. Eager shoppers come to our stores or online, expecting us to have the best and we have to explain that peas aren’t a New World crop and we don’t grow them. Most customers look at us like we’re nuts. Super Lucky Black Eyed Peas from Steve Sando on Vimeo. I have tried to tell Southerners that black beans are actually luckier but if you ever want to tick off someone from the South, suggest they skip Black Eyed Peas on New Year’s Day. It’s...

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Your Secret Ingredient: Oregano Indio

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Did you know our Oregano Indio is back in stock? The cooperative had all kinds of trouble getting it to us but now we have lots and the future looks bright. Did you see this video about the people who grow and harvest your oregano? I would watch it with you but I can't see it without starting to cry. It's a happy kind of crying. Some people are just wonderful and are trying to do the right thing. Homeward from The Perennial Plate on Vimeo. Buy Oregano Indio at Rancho Gordo.

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Video: Cooking Greens and Beans

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Rancho Gordo Cooking; Beans and Greens from Steve Sando on Vimeo.

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