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Vegan Gift Box- One pound bag of Alubia Blanca, Buckeye, Garbanzo, Scarlet Runner, Castillo Spanish pimenton and a flyer with cooking suggestions

Vegan Gift Box

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Vegan Gift Box

A one-pound bag of each of our favorite beans for vegan cooking, plus a jar of our Spanish pimentón. Each box includes a flyer with cooking suggestions and delicious recipes for each of the items in the box, all with your favorite vegan bean fan in mind. 

ALUBIA BLANCA: You can use these small white European-style beans in all kinds of cooking, from Yankee baked beans to soups to Italian "beans on toast." They have a thin skin but still manage to hold their shape, making them ideal for salads.

BUCKEYE: A small, dense yet velvety bean that holds its shape and provides a rich bean broth. Easily one of the staff's favorite beans.

GARBANZO: A slightly nutty-flavored classic bean, essential for Middle Eastern, Mexican, and European cooking. 

SCARLET RUNNER: Big, beefy runner bean with gorgeous markings. A constant chef's favorite. 

CASTILLO SPANISH PIMENTÓN: Bittersweet and moderately spicy, our pimentón is a blend of Jaranda and Bola peppers grown and smoked in Extremadura, Spain.

"And yes, the beans really are better—and different—than the dusty bag you'll find on the shelves of most supermarkets."

Margaret Eby
Food + Wine Magazine

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