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Red Crimson Popping Corn, Rancho Gordo
Crimson Popping Corn, Rancho Gordo

Crimson Popping Corn

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Nearly hull-less and 100% delicious, this rare and wonderful popcorn pops up as white as snow and delivers a flavor like no other! The perfect contrast to bland commodity popcorn and its cardboard texture.
The naturally red kernels are best prepared the traditional way with a pan, a lid and some oil, but you'll get fine results in an air-popper (but with a lower yield of fully popped corn). 

There are countless ways to enjoy it: with just salt and butter, or perhaps cooked in some duck fat and topped with Parmesan cheese.

Not available for shipping to Canada.

Comments from a few of our fans:

"My favorite is Rancho Gordo red crimson popping corn. (I wish it popped red, but sadly it turns white with heat.) I haven’t been able to get it for an entire year, but I just discovered that it’s back in stock, and I can't stop making it.  This is popcorn with minimal husk, and it actually tastes like corn. Pop it on the stove-top in a little neutral oil, drizzle with real melted butter, and finish with smoked paprika and salt. Or grate some Parmesan or cheddar cheese over the top (it clings). Refreshingly straightforward. Totally addictive."
-Ruth Reichl,

"...if you really want to go all out, check out the crimson popcorn at Rancho Gordo."
-Mark Bittman, Bitten, New York Times

"Simply a must for popcorn connoisseurs, the nearly hull-less crimson kernels pop up beautifully white and have a great flavor."
- Lora Zarubin, Los Angleles Times Magazine

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"After more than 20 years in business, it’s easy to forget there was a time before Rancho Gordo."

Lou Bustamonte, Eater

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