Alubia Blanca
Alubia Blanca
Alubia Blanca , Heirloom Bean - Rancho Gordo, Rancho Gordo
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Alubia Blanca

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A small, versatile Spanish-style white bean. It has a creamy texture and holds its shape even with long, slow cooking.

Suggestions: Soups, baked beans, salads, bean dips, pot beans

Classic Alubia beans are one of our more requested items. Small white European-style beans, you can use them in all kinds of cooking, from Mexican to Tuscan to even classic Yankee baked beans. My favorite thing to do with these delicate legumes is top off a piece of grilled Tuscan bread, drizzled with fruity, green olive oil, chopped sage and grated dry cheese, making an Italian "beans on toast."

Years ago, we grew a lovely bean called Marrow, but too many seasons of crop failure forced us to "retire" it; these Alubias come very close to that Marrow flavor and texture. They also would make a fair substitute for the rare Zolfini beans from Tuscany. They are very similar to Purgatory beans, or Fagiole del Purgatorio, from Lazio, as well. 

From baked beans to salads to soups, there's hardly a dish that couldn't benefit from these beans. A simple bowl with roasted tomatoes and garlic would be incredible. They have a thin skin but still manage to hold their shape, making them ideal for salads. 

Use in recipes calling for navy beans, great northerns, cannellini or white kidney beans.

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Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris
Production: U.S.A.

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