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Rancho Gordo dried Domingo rojo beans
Bowl of cooked Domingo Rojo beans mixed with peppers and nopales, Rancho Gordo-Heirloom beans
Rancho Gordo cooked Domingo Rojo in a white bowl
Domingo Rojo beans fried on a skillet with diced onions, Rancho Gordo-Heirloom beans

Domingo Rojo Bean

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A classic red bean, essential to dishes like New Orleans Red Beans & Rice, and equally important to many Caribbean cuisines. 

A small, mild-yet-dense heirloom bean, begging to be put to work as red beans and rice, chili con carne, or a wonderful ingredient in your summer salad. Domingo Rojo holds its shape when cooked, and the thick bean broth coats every rice grain or noodle with a luxurious sauce.

One of the reasons aficionados insist on good red beans for their red beans and rice is the bean broth. A good red bean will produce a sauce that coats every grain of rice and Domingo Rojo is that bean! 

Many cuisines embrace red beans, especially when served with rice. In the Caribbean, parts of Africa, and of course New Orleans, it's clear that they're a delicious, economical way to feed a crowd. Some varieties can be waxy, and others, like kidney beans, have extremely thick skins and a texture that's almost like baby food. Domingo Rojo is much better than the average red bean variety.

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Phaseolus vulgaris

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