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Flageolet bean, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Flageolet, a small white to pale celadon green bean, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Flageolet beans with lemon dressing topped with parsley, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Simple cold salad with Flageolet beans, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans

Flageolet Bean

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A super mild European-style classic heirloom bean, known for its pairing with lamb but excellent as a pot bean and with roasted tomatoes. 

We owe a lot to France for developing the Flageolet from what were originally beans native to the Americas. It's ultra-creamy and dense and it stays whole despite a little rough treatment when being cooked.

This mild, creamy bean is famous, and rightly so, for teaming with lamb or even fish, but don't let vegetarian options slip by. Roasted tomatoes and garlic mixed with the cooked, super creamy beans, topped with a drizzle of your very best olive oil, sounds like an end-of-summer highlight.

Some bean historians think they can trace Flageolets to Oaxaca, Mexico. We know they have been bred in France for generations. Flageolet are mostly mint green, with some of the beans closer to white. They would be all green if growers could manage to get the entire field to ripen at the same time, which is next to impossible. A greater or lesser amount of white in the mix isn't an indication of quality; they all cook up to a light tan color.

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Cassoulet, Alubia Blanca

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Phaseolus vulgaris

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"These beans are loved by chefs and home cooks alike because they are thoughtfully sourced, easy to cook, and taste delicious."

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