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20 Big Ones

$ 125.00

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Let all your bean dreams come true! Or make them come true for a deserving friend. Twenty big pounds of our best heirloom beans, plus a bonus jar of Stardust and a cooking sheet with recipes for each bean included. 
Finally, a suitable gift for the Bean Freak (and we use the term with love and affection) or the Rancho Gordo fan on your holiday shopping list: 20 pounds of our best beans (plus a special surprise)! Imagine all the fine meals that can be made with all those legumes and maybe if you play your cards right, you’ll be invited to partake in the bounty. You can imagine the smiles as your recipient looks into the pantry and sees all these bags of Rancho Gordo heirloom beans smiling back, waiting for that moment of inspiration. And it’s all thanks to you! Of course, if you deserve 20 Big Ones in your life and order the box for yourself, we won't tell. 

Each box contains:

Alubia Blanca 
Classic Alubia beans are one of our more requested items. Small white European-style beans, you can use them in all kinds of cooking, from Mexican to Tuscan to even classic Yankee baked beans. My favorite thing to do with these delicate legumes is top off a piece of grilled Tuscan bread, drizzled with fruity, green olive oil, chopped sage and grated dry cheese, making an Italian “beans on toast.”

Ayocote Morado
This thick-skinned runner bean, produced in Mexico, is pretty and very large. It's starchy but goes from dense to creamy with continued cooking.

Small, dense yet velvety bean that holds its shape and provides a rich bean broth. Easily one of the staff’s favorite beans. Also known as Yellow Indian Woman bean.

Christmas Lima
A rich chestnut texture and an almost nutty flavor make this the most unusual Lima bean. A true revelation for those who believe they don't like Limas.

Versatile and velvety, this thin-skinned Borlotti bean produces a rich, indulgent bean broth, making it perfect for classic Italian dishes as well as simple pot beans.

Domingo Rojo
A small, mild yet dense, heirloom bean, begging to be put to work as red beans and rice, chili con carne or a wonderful ingredient in your summer salad. The bean is classic, and one of the reasons aficionados insist on good red beans for their red beans and rice is the bean broth.  A good red bean will produce a sauce that coats every grain of rice and Domingo Rojo is that bean!

Garbanzo (2 bags)
Not a true “new world” bean but we love them so much that we make this one of our California crops. Obviously they’re classic for hummus and as a key ingredient in a green salad, but they’re great in soups, too.

King City Pink
An heirloom bean from King City, California, with a rich history and a dreamy bean broth. It has a thin skin and a dense yet creamy interior.

Large White Lima
Large, new-crop, fast cooking Lima beans with classic Lima bean taste and texture.

From heirloom Italian seed, this thin-skinned cannellini is named after Italian cooking hero Marcella Hazan, who encouraged our growing it. A delicate tribute to a mighty force of nature. Note: Even though these beans are small, you should take your time and gently allow them to fully cook. They are edible quite soon after you start but the real creaminess comes with time and low, slow and gentle heat. The skins are almost not there, which means you can love them too much by constantly stirring them, and they will start to fall apart.

A classic bean from Peru, the Mayocoba is also known as Canario or Peruano. It’s a small but meaty thin-skinned bean that will take on all the flavors you can throw at it but still hold its shape. Great as a substitute for Cannellini or Great Northern beans but unique in its own right.

Midnight Black (2 bags)
Midnight is a true black turtle bean with a rich, traditional black bean flavor and texture that is more in the kidney family. Use them in any recipe calling for black or turtle beans or just enjoy them on their own. Black bean soup with a dollop of sour cream is one of life's better pleasures.

The poor pinto doesn’t get the respect it deserves. With all of its glamorous cousins hanging around, it’s hard to grab a little of the spotlight, until someone wisely cooks them up. If you’ve been served supermarket pintos all your life, you are in for a pleasant surprise.

Rio Zape
The classic heirloom bean that inspired the birth of Rancho Gordo. Suggestions of chocolate and coffee make this pinto-family rarity one of our favorite and most requested beans.

Royal Corona
Enormous, thick-skinned runner beans with a surprisingly creamy interior. One of our all-time best sellers, it's a versatile giant that works in all kinds of cuisines. A true pantry staple.

A really lovely cousin to the Anasazi bean, Vaquero have intriguing black and white markings, not unlike an appaloosa horse might don. A classic chili bean that holds its shape through long, slow, cooking and exudes a generous, dark, rich broth. We also enjoy them as a classic charro bean, cooked simply and then finished with bacon, tomatoes and maybe a little stale beer. 

Yellow Eye (2 bags)
Unlike Navy beans, which have a slightly gummy, baby food texture, Yellow Eyes are dense, creamy and delicious. You can have them on their own or use them with a smoked ham hock; they’re also excellent for simple vegetarian soups.

BONUS GIFT: Stardust Dipping Powder
An addictive chile-lime mix for dusting fresh fruit, popcorn and even the rims of cocktail glasses.

Not available for shipping to Canada.

"I'd be so very pleased to find Rancho Gordo's 20 Big Ones under the tree. The Northern California producer's heirloom beans are just that good."

Nicole Perry


20 Big Ones

$ 125.00
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The Rancho Gordo Story

You Can Blame it All on the Dutch

I was shopping one August for tomatoes and, despite Napa being one of the world's most magnificent agricultural regions, all the tomatoes were from a hothouse in Holland! Worse, they were hard and pale pink instead of the ripe tomatoes I was craving. I started to grow my own tomatoes and this eventually led to beans.

My first harvested heirloom bean was Rio Zape. They were pretty and easy to grow but I had no idea what to expect when I cooked them. They were similar to the pintos I liked but there was so much more going on. Hints of chocolate and coffee mixed with an earthy texture made my head spin. I was blown away by Rio Zape and the other heirloom beans I was growing, but also really confused why they were such a big secret. I took the beans to the farmers market, organizing things on my kitchen table. Soon there was a warehouse, followed by more markets and mail order. It seems we had struck a nerve. People agreed that heirloom beans were worth saving, growing and cooking. Currently our warehouse, a retail shop, and offices are in Napa, California, and a stop here is part of many tours of the wine country. 

All of my agricultural pursuits have been based on being someone who likes to cook but gets frustrated by the lack of ingredients, especially those that are native to the Americas. One of the things that originally drew me to beans was the fact that they are indigenous to the Americas. It seems to me these indigenous ingredients should be familiar, if not common. American cuisine is re-inventing itself and I'd love to include ingredients, traditions and recipes from north and south of the border as part of the equation. I love the concept of The Americas. I feel as if it's just as important as the European heritage many of us share.

You can read more about the Rancho Gordo story here.


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