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Rancho Gordo- Dried Black Garbanzo
in a white bowl there's the black garbanzo  hummus topped with sesame seed, olive oil, and parsley. In the back there's a plate of toasted bread - Rancho Gordo Black Garbanzo
Rancho Gordo- cooked black garbanzo in a strainer under a bowl.

Black Garbanzo Bean

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Known as Ceci Neri in Italy, these rare heirloom legumes have a firm texture and an irresistible earthy, nutty flavor.

Black Garbanzos are much denser than classic Garbanzos, making them ideal for salads, stews, or even baked dishes. The skins are thicker but they are not chewy or tough, just a little more interesting.

We've been pursuing Black Chickpeas for years, chasing a memory from an incredible meal in Italy. We are happy to offer these to you, grown in California, but (we think) just as incredible as the Italian-grown version.

Very popular in many regions in Italy, including Puglia, where they are enjoyed as zuppa di ceci neri (black chickpea soup).

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"Heirloom beans come from seeds passed down through generations, beloved and preserved for their distinctive features. For those in the know, Napa-based company Rancho Gordo is the go-to source. Rancho Gordo has supplied home cooks and restaurant chefs since 2001 with heirloom beans from a network of small farms on the West Coast and in Mexico. The unrivaled flavor complexity and textured nuances of these beans earned Rancho Gordo a cult following."

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