Eye of the Goat (Ojo de Cabra) Bean, a small tan-colored bean with dark brown marketings, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Cooked Eye of the Goat beans, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Eye of the Goat beans, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Eye of the Goat beans, Rancho Gordo - Heirloom beans
Rancho Gordo

Eye of the Goat (Ojo de Cabra) Bean

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Our famous bean with the velvety texture and deep bean broth. A favorite classic pot bean.

Suggestions: Pot beans, soup, casseroles, refried beans, dips, chili 

This absolutely delicious bean is similar to Good Mother Stallard in that it needs only onions and garlic to make it shine, but unique in its own right. Cooked simply, this bean, with a little salsa and some fresh tortillas, is about as grand as it gets. Please don't waste your stock or bones to "improve" this bean. Frankly, it doesn't need your help!

Eye of the Goat have a thin skin, releasing so much flavor into the bean broth and yet they are firm enough to hold their shape during cooking. As you bite into each bean, you'll notice the velvety texture and wonder why you've wasted so much time with bland, commodity beans from the grocery store. 

Please try and cook it on its own with little adornment at least once. You won't be sorry!

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Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris
Country of production: USA

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