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For orders or assistance: 1-800-599-8323
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Cooked Fine Yellow Polenta

Fine Yellow Polenta

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1 Lb Bag

Produced whole-grain and fresh from the mill, this is the finest new-crop polenta in the United States. The organic, heirloom corn is grown and ground for Rancho Gordo by Anson Mills.

If you know Anson Mills, you know this isn't just any polenta. Their heirloom flint corn is fresh and ground to order (and this was ground last week).

Use as a bed for your favorite toppings—Cranberry beans and tomato sauce, sautéed mushrooms, slow-cooked meat, or even just a pat of butter and a sprinkling of Parmesan cheese.

We tried Anson Mills' instructions for classic soft polenta (below) with great success, but there are many more polenta recipes on their website. Steve used the no-stir baked version from Divina Cucina and he says he's not going back to the stovetop.  Whichever cooking method you use, we are confident you'll enjoy it. 


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