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Super Lucky 2017 Black Eyed Pea , Heirloom Bean - Rancho Gordo, Rancho Gordo
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Cooked Rancho Gordo  Black Eyed Pea with tortilla chips, onion, avocado, and cilantro
White bowl of cooked brothy Rancho Gordo Super Lucky Black Eyed Peas, on a wooden table

Super Lucky 2024 Black Eyed Pea

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For the best luck, Southerners know that Black Eyed Peas on New Year's Day mean good luck in the coming year. Easy to make and easy to enjoy. 

Whether you are a traditionalist and insist on a ham hock or a modern hipster cooking with just some aromatics and sea salt, eating Black Eyed Peas on the first day of the year is one of the best gifts of the south. And frankly, this country can use a little luck this year!

A type of cowpea, Black Eyed Peas are believed to be native to Africa. They became an important food source in the American South sometime during the 17th or 18th centuries and at some point, they became a traditional good luck meal on New Year's Day.

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"A few factors turned (chef Tanya) Holland from a black-eyed pea skeptic to believer. Firstly, she found her preferred purveyor, Napa’s esteemed Rancho Gordo, whose “black-eyed peas are game-changing in terms of flavor,” she says. “I just love the earthiness of them.”"

Emily Saladino

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