Tepary Bean (Brown Tepary)

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A small, hearty and dense bean that's drought-tolerant and indigenous to the American southwest. 

Suggestions: Salads, pot beans, dips, casseroles, soup, chili

Can a bean be romantic? We think so! Teparies are indigenous to North America and were developed thousands of years ago by Native Americans to be drought-tolerant. Higher in protein and fiber than other beans (which are already packed), what more can you ask for in food? Flavor and texture? You got it! The small beans plump up a bit but keep a meaty, dense texture. Can you tell we're smitten?

Tepary beans are also unique in that they stay whole, never get very creamy, but they aren’t tough or “vegetably” the way a Lima bean can be.

Cooking suggestions: Cook Tepary beans as you would any of our beans, but keep in mind they may look like lentils but they don’t taste like them and despite the small size, they don’t cook like them. Plan on your normal cooking routine. Teparies can have a slight sweetness so we'd suggest avoiding celery and carrot when you cook them. A little garlic, onion and olive oil would be ideal. We’ve also used them in refried beans, soups and stews. Perhaps our most famous dish with Teparies was a Buffalo Stew with cactus paddles.

Latin name: Phaseolus acutifolius

Country of production: USA

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