Caballero Bean

$ 6.95

A new mid-sized white bean from Peru that's so creamy, you might think it's a dairy product. Thick but soft-skinned and unusual creamy texture make this a versatile, easy to like bean. 

Suggestions: Pot beans, soups, casserole, refried beans, minestrones

I knew this was going to be a hit when I served them for dinner and someone asked how much butter or cream I had to use to get this flavor. Not a speck! A garlic clove, some olive oil and water were all I used! The bean does the work.

Caballero beans are the exact opposite of bland, gummy Navy beans. These taste indulgent, rich and are easy to adapt to almost any cuisine. The raw beans are very white and round. They double in size when cooked. 

Latin: Phaseolus vulgaris
Production: Peru


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