Flor de Junio Bean

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Flor de Junio (or June Flower) are one of the most sought after beans in Michoacan, a state that knows its beans. Both Flor de Mayo (with its decorative spots) and Flor de Junio (with its decorative pink swirls) are preferred over pintos and blacks. I think the food in the region is second to none, especially if you can find some traditional Purepecha indigenous dishes.

The bean itself stays whole but you bite into and it seems to melt in your mouth with creamy bean goodness. And yet it's as light as the wings of a migrating Monarch butterfly! (They go down to Michoacan, you know.)

The problem with these beans is that they don't age well. If you store it in a dark cool pantry you will be fine, but we have a limited amount so we think of the Flor de Junio like Nouveau Beaujolais, ramps, figs or some other seasonal treat. Enjoy them now while you can!

This crop is from Calfornia. If you've previously enjoyed Silvia beans, this is virtually the same variety. 

Cooking suggestions: Use in soups, stews, pot beans, or refried beans.

Latin name: Phaseolus vulgaris
Poduction: U.S.A. 

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