Large White Lima Bean

$ 5.95

Large, new-crop, fast cooking Lima beans with classic Lima bean taste and texture. 

Suggestions: Baked beans, salads, pot beans, succotash, dips

Lima beans have a creamy texture and savory flavor and they taste more like fresh vegetables than other beans. Good, new crop Limas (like ours!) are worthy of your attention, especially if you grew up eating those nasty frozen beans, under pressure from your dear old mom. Chances are she over cooked them. 

If you're from the South, you know how wonderful Limas can be, and our freshly dried beans are delicious. Whether it's with a big, smoked ham hock or vegan with aromatics and olive oil, these legumes are a pleasure to cook and eat. 

Latin name: Phaseolus lunatus
Country of production: USA

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