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Rancho Gordo Lourdes Pot
Rancho Gordo Lourdes Pot

Lourdes Pot

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Traditional design for gentle, even cooking. Works right on a gas stove. Recommended for beans, pozole, and other slow-cooked stews and soups.

From the beautiful Valley of Tehuacan, we offer these unique, handmade pots.

Each piece is burnished by hand using quartz rocks that have been handed down through the generations. The gloss of each piece comes from the burnishing. No glaze is involved so there is no danger of lead in the pots.

The texture and patina of the piece will change over time. Exposure to heat, fire, and food will only make it more beautiful. Even better, cooking beans in clay is almost magical. The slow, even heat and natural clay are considered the best way to cook beans. Ask a grandmother and she'll agree.

The pots aren't perfect and aren't intended to be. Once you start cooking with clay, you may find you have a happy new addiction. They have a rustic charm and the wisdom of the ages behind them, but they shouldn't be washed in a machine and they will keep changing over the years.

Some things to consider: These clay pots are handmade and there will be variances with the size, finishes, and capacity. Clay can last for years but it's also fragile and it's unlikely you'll be passing this down as an heirloom. Clay pots are tolerant of many situations, but extreme changes in temperature make them the most vulnerable. The pot was designed for use on a pronged grate with a gas stove. The bottom is somewhat rounded and can be a little wobbly on a flat surface.

No curing or preparation is needed. While they are clay and susceptible to breakage when dropped, the real danger is placing a hot pot on a cold surface (or vice versa) or adding too cold a liquid to a boiling pot.

When cooking, start with a low flame and gently raise the heat as needed. Cook directly over a gas flame. You can also use the pieces when you barbecue. They only look better the more you use them. An electric range is not recommended; if you are determined to try it, you will need a heat diffuser. 

Wash with warm water and if needed, a gentle dishwashing liquid. Because the clay is porous and there's no glaze, it's best not to use a dishwasher.

Please note: The Lourdes Pot will ship in a separate box from other items in your order. Please inspect your pot well when you receive it. If it is damaged or broken in the shipment, we will be happy to replace it or refund you. We cannot offer a return or replacement on the item after 90 days of purchase.

The pot holds approximately 4 quarts of liquid. Dimensions are approximately 10 inches tall by 7 inches wide.

Made in Mexico. Lead free.

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