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Bowl of bean and hominy stew

Gallina Pinta

A brothy hominy and bean stew, popular in the state of Sonora, in Northern Mexico. The name translates to "painted hen," most likely referring to the colorful ingredients. Pinto beans are...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Prepared Hominy with shrimp.

Deconstructed Pozole Salad

You are welcome to play around with quantities and even ingredients. You could try a colored cabbage, replace it with lettuce, use poached chicken instead of shrimp, or make it...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Prepared Hominy with shrimp.

Green Chile Pozole with Shrimp

As much as I love pork and chicken, some of my happiest memories have been made over a bucket of perfect shrimp. Any type of pozole is appropriate for any...

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Rancho Gordo White Corn Posole

How to Cook Prepared Hominy

Hominy is nixtimalized corn that has been treated with cal to release the vitamin niacin, making the grain healthier and easier to digest. Here’s how to cook hominy, also called...

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Rancho Gordo White Corn Posole with chicken

Red Chicken Pozole

When cooking chicken pozole, it’s best to use dark meat, as breasts can overcook in an instant. If you insist on using white meat, be sure to time the cooking...

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Rancho Gordo White Hominy with pork

Classic Red Pork Pozole

This is the classic pozole of central Mexico. You might find some regional or personal variances to the cuts of pork or the combination of chiles, but if I were...

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Rancho Gordo cooked white prepared Homminy

Rancho Gordo White Pozole

There are many versions of pozole but one of my favorites is Pozole Blanco. Unlike other pozoles where chiles are a part of the broth, Blanco is broth, meat and...

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