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Rancho Gordo Hominy Stew for the Slow Cooker


Inspired by some of the slow cooker recipes in Rick Bayless' Everyday Mexican, I started playing around with some ingredients and came up with this really super stew. It's very much like pozole but I don't want argue with anyone so I'm just going to call it a hominy stew.

Adding the beans may seem off but the texture is great and the broth the exude can't be ignored. You will love it. 

The intent was to put all the ingredients in and come home to a great meal. We've made it here a number of times and we loved it but you must squeeze some lime in at the end, or even better, a wee splash of our Pineapple Vinegar

If you have leftover hominy and want to make this, save it towards the end and just heat it up with the other cooked ingredients. 


  1. Add all of the ingredients to a slow cooker and stir. 
  2. Cover and cook on the "High" setting for 3 to 4 hours, checking occasionally for doneness (the hominy should be tender and chewy, and the beans should be soft). 
  3. Squeeze some lime into ladled bowls or add a very small splash of Pineapple Vinegar and serve.

It's that easy! If you don't have time to presoak the hominy, you may need to cook the stew for a bit longer (we recommend using the "High" setting for 4 hours, and then changing the setting to "Low" and continuing to cook until the hominy is tender).


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