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French-Style Green Lentils, Rancho Gordo
Lentil and carrot salad with mustard vinaigrette. In th side there's bowls, a spoon, and a baguette.
Rancho Gordo cooked French-style green lentils

French-Style Green Lentil

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Small, dense green lentils hold their shape for salads and more. 

Heart green lentils famous as a side dish, in stews, soups, and even salads. West Coast-grown for our own unique terroir. These lentils are very similar to lentilles du Puy, which must be grown in France. We think our West Coast terroir adds to the flavor. 

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Latin name

Lens culinaris

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"Every day it seems like there's a new startup claiming high-protein cricket flour will heal the world, that we're supposedly on the verge of a golden age of lab-grown meat. When I hear about stuff like that lately, I can't help but think: when we've got lentils this good, why go through the trouble?"

Chris Cohen
Saveur Magazine

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