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Rancho Gordo cooked Black Eyed Peas with vegetables

Black Eyed Pea, Corn, and Tomato Salad

We’ve heard from many customers that their favorite way to enjoy Black Eyed Peas is in “Texas Caviar” or “Cowboy Caviar.” After reading endless recipes calling for canned Black Eyed Peas,...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Midnight black bean with Oregano Indio and New Mexican Red Chile Powder

Moros y Cristianos (Black Beans and Rice)

Nowadays, modern cooks prepare the rice and beans together, but in the traditional Cuban manner, the rice and beans are cooked separately and the Moors (beans) don’t encounter the Christians...

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Rancho Gordo Santa Maria Pinquito beans with corn tortillas

Huevos Rancheros Divorciados

Melisa in our retail department made refried beans one day with our Santa Maria Pinquito beans. We had never tried refritos with the Pinquitos and it blew everyone away! Melisa offered...

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A bowl with ribollita topped with parmesan cheese

Ribollita (Italian Bread Soup)

This is our go-to recipe for ribollita, shared with us by Peter Miller, author of Lunch at the Shop: The Art and Practice of the Midday Meal and How to...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Ayocote Negro with nopales

Ayocotes with Nopales and Fiery Salsa

Nopales are prickly-pear cactus paddles that you can find in most Mexican markets and some supermarkets. You can often buy them precleaned, but if you need to do it yourself,...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Domingo Rojo bean with white rice.

Bludso's BBQ Red Beans and Rice

  Our staff test kitchen tried a new version of Red Beans and Rice from the recent book, Bludso's BBQ Cookbook (Ten Speed Press, 2022). They'd made it with our...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Marcella bean with bread and prosciutto.

Garlic-Rubbed Beans on Toast

On a trip to Sorana, just outside of Lucca, I met with some bean growers and learned more about the sorana bean that Marcella Hazan loved. I had one of those...

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Rancho Gordo cooked Marcella bean with tuna and celery.

Provencal Tuna, White Bean, and Celery Salad

This French-style salad comes from our friend and favorite Francophile, Georgeanne Brennan. She says: “Creamy white beans combined with flaky bits of fish and crunchy celery makes an appetizing first...

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Salad with cherry tomatoes, croutons, and yogurt

Chopped Salad with Bean-and-Yogurt Dressing

Martha Rose Shulman’s genius Caesar salad dressing made with beans and yogurt got us thinking about bean-based dressings. We experimented and came up with this version, using our pineapple vinegar. For...

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