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A Lazy Sunday and Royal Coronas in a Clay Pot


As you may have read, I love cooking in clay pots. I also like slow cookers, pressure cookers, Le Cruset and pretty much anything technique for cooking beans. But my heart is with clay. 

This pot is from Spain and I was lucky enough to get it because now the importer has stopped because of too much breakage. The pot is very heavy and it takes a good long while to heat up, but once it does, it stays hot for a long time. 

As is my habit, I started with onion, garlic, olive oil and some Mexican oregano. I don't want to wash another pot so I start this right in the bottom of the pot I'll be cooking the beans in. 

A lot of people ask whether to cook the beans covered or open. You want to cover them to conserve heat but evaporation makes for a much more interesting bean broth. I often keep the cover ajar or use a spoon to prop it open a little. Life is full of fun decisions. 

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