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2nd Annual Beans Tour and Ag Workshops in Mexico


I'm late posting the photos but here are some scenes from the Beans Tour ealier this spring. I actually stopped taking photos when I saw how good the photos were from some of the guests, but you'll get an idea.

We announced the trip via email and we sold out within one and a half hours! The year before it took a full day. It makes it seem a little like winning a Willie Wonka ticket but the food is much better.


The group was really fun and there wasn't a sour grape in the bunch. I was very happy to introduce them to my Mexican friends. We had a few trips, some workshops and a lot of really great food.


This was a trip to meet one of our bean farmers.


There were many littel signs that the fields were beyond organic.




I don't think it's an exagerration to say that everyone fell in love with Araceli. She makes our chocolate (in her village in Guerrero) and she traveled a full day to teach her workshop on making chocolate. Here she's toasting the canela (true cinnamon) on a large clay comal. She's very sweet and softspoken but I'd bet this woman can do anything she sets her mind to.


Here's Lucas (who has a Mexican restaurant in New Zealand!) proving that maybe he better keep his day job.


The oregano growers from the Huasteca came down to sing and say hello!


One of the most fun meals was the barbacoa. The men line a pit with roasted maguey leaves and then roast goat meat underground for 10 hours. The results are spectacular.




That's my god-daughter! I plan to spoil her rotten!


Araceli with Yunuen and the baby.


Lupe serves her famous nopal salad.


Finally, the whole staff who made it all possible, in one of the three kitchens.


We'll do it again next year and we'll even add a second group if all goes as planned. I wish there were an easier way to pick who goes but it's first come, first served after we do our email blast.

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