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A Garden in an Egg Carton: A Cool Project With or Without Kids

The best way to plant beans to grow is to direct seed them into the ground once the soil is warm and the last chance of frost has passed. The best way to get kids excited about gardening is to put some potting soil into used egg shells after you've punctured the bottom for drainage and then add a bean. It couldn't be simpler or more fun . ranchogordo-9586 You can transfer them to a pot or soil, gently breaking up the egg as you transplant it. ranchogordo-9637 A drainage hole is imperative but how you make it is up to you. I used a larding needle, because that's just how I roll. And it's what I had on hand. ranchogordo-9665 These were old San Franciscano beans I have lying around. You can try this with most any bean. You can try and let them continue or you can harvest the flowers and use them in salads. ranchogordo-9576 My teenage son was fascinated by this. He's been around beans all his life and this morning he said, "You know, beans are really a miracle plant, aren't they?" I had to agree. ranchogordo-9663

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