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A Clarification from The Washington Post Article


In the Press

The following passage was in the Washington Post article about Rancho Gordo:

Heirloom beans' biggest selling point is their flavor. "I work a lot with U.C. Davis," a leading agricultural science university in Northern California, Sando says. "They have this big bean day where they talk about uniformity, disease resistance, size and yield. And you ask about what they taste like -- how it affected the flavor -- and they say they haven't cooked them. After four years of a bean trial, they've never cooked one pot.

"That's what's wrong with American food, in a way. They see it as a science game. They don't see it as food."

A more elegant statement would have spelled out that part of the work I was doing with UC is to focus on flavor and that there's even an extensive program looking at heirloom beans. And it's not like the problem is exclusive to U.C. Davis. I was making a point but didn't finish it and probably hurt the feeling of some great people who are doing good work. The other point it from my perspective, flavor is key. From a scientist's point of view, feeding masses of people is the objective.

If it sounds like I'm back peddling, I am. I'm sorry I'm not a better speaker and I'm really sorry if I offended anyone.

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