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A Day in the Beanfields


On Wednesday, I took a drive to the delta to check on this season's beans . I hear they are fine but this season has to be perfect!


Most of the fields were started after the last frosts but some short-season beans were just planted. We've had oddly cool weather this spring but now it's cooking out in the fields.


This unruly mess is everyone's favorite, Eye of the Goat! And it's doing great. Good Mother Stallard is also thriving, but it's slower growing bean.


Thought you'd like to see how the irrigation works. For our trial garden in Napa, I use a hose with emitters but it's just not practical for actual production. Beans need to be watered in our rainless climate but because we use irrigation, we can control the moisture, which I think makes for a better bean.


And the loveliest thing to see is a bean flower from the runner cannellini. They symbolize hope and good eating on your table in the near future!

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