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A Fine Lunch on the Costa Chica of Guerrero


I wish I were on a road trip in Mexico. I really do. But I have my memories. I'm dreaming of the Costa Chica in Guerrero. We were en route to see Araceli, who makes our chocolate, in Xochistlahuaca. (Try saying that three times fast, please!) Just as we turned from the coast to go north, we stopped for a memorable comida.


Good company for me always includes my friends Yunuen and Gabriel but now they've added another little pal and good times are guaranteed.


We started with a plate of wonderful oysters. These were very good but I think I really prefer our cold water varieties.


This was a local fish that was almost all bone and very little flesh but what little there was was a knockout, mostly from the rich chile sauce.


The there was fish caldo. A simple fish soup but the broth was incredibly rich and it made me know that this earlier food wasn't a fluke.


Somewhere along the way we enjoyed a shrimp ceviche with avocados.


The best was saved for last with shrmp a la mojo de ajo. This is an intense garlic sauce and because the chef didn't overcook the shrimp and made the sauce with some love, it was one of the best versions I ever had.

The whole meal was so good I asked to thank the chef and take her photo. You can tell she thinks I'm nuts but I don't care. She made me very happy and I wanted to let her know.


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