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A Grated Salad


I love salad but the act of making one on a busy night is often not a pleasure for me. This will sound insane but the lettuce bugs me the most. I refuse to buy it bagged and cleaning it isn't that hard but it's a step that can lead me to abandon the salad if the stars aren't aligned.

I have several tricks up my sleeve and one is my box grater. I had a large jicama and after peeling it, I grated it and made a salad with orange pieces, red onion, our Oregano Indio, and cilantro. I added olive oil and salt. No vinegar was needed with the citrus.

I would do this again in a heatbeat. I can't wait to tell Republic of Salad's Emily Nunn about this and see what she thinks about the grater as a tool for salads. Hey. You get your kicks where you can.

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