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A Man with a Plan: I've Got to Have Those Vegetables Handy!

ranchogordo-8687 In general, I eat pretty well. I eat a lot, maybe (well, for sure) too much but I eat very little processed food and I have a varied diet. My danger is the nighttime! I get home from work and tend to not always make the best decisions. I think having lots of vegetables, ready to go, will help. My plan is on the weekend to do all kinds of prep so I there are fewer decisions to make and fewer options, which might lead to better choices. ranchogordo-8724 Needless to say, I always have beans. I can do that in my sleep. This morning I started by boiling tomatillos and their husks in water. This way I'd have the tomatillos for salsa and you'll see where the husks come in handy. ranchogordo-8735 I strained and reserved the tomatillos and left the husks in the water with some Sal Mixteca, a land salt that helps soften vegetables and keeps them extra green. I then added diced cactus paddles and let them simmer until they were done, about 20 minutes. ranchogordo-8743 The husks help absorb some of the "slime" they produce. It's no worse than okra it really doesn't bother me, but some people have a problem with it. The husks help as does cooking them in copper. But a plain pot is fine. ranchogordo-8755 I picked the husks out and now I had cooked tomatillos and cooked nopales. I love the nopales with scrambled eggs and salsa but I also love a spoonful in a bowl of beans. ranchogordo-8689 Next up was greens. I started with garlic and some fermented jalapeños. You could use fresh and be very happy. ranchogordo-8691 When the garlic was soft, I added washed and chopped kale. I also do this with dandelion greens. I suppose you could do it with spinach. ranchogordo-8704 Normally, the water left on the greens from washing are enough to cook them but I like them a little more wet so I added some bean broth I had in the refrigerator. You could also use some of the cooking water from wild rice. ranchogordo-8720 They cook down a lot but there's plenty here. It's great with beans, of course, but just plain rice and greens are good. I should add, I'm not in love with plain old everyday kale. I much prefer lacinato kale. Chard or spinach are also good. ranchogordo-8789 The tomatillos, some leftover onions, garlic, Oregano Indio and more fermented jalapeños went into the blender with some salt for a salsa. After the blender, I added some lime and chopped cilantro. I also roasted and peeled four Poblano chiles. I cut up a really fresh jicama. It was consumed within minutes. I also sauteed some puslane, but that got eaten with eggs for lunch. So the plan is to bring a little of this to work each day and eat it with wild rice, brown rice or tortillas. I'll probably still go a little nuts at night, but with decisions made, deliciously, I think I'm on firm ground.

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