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A Quick Deluxe Quesadilla


When I used to sell our tortillas, one of the comments was "I love them but I wish they came in a six pack instead of a dozen." Are you kidding? A complex carbohydrate with no added fat or salt that tastes great and works like an edible fork and you want less, not more? My Mexican friends buy three dozen at a time! I understand if you don't eat Mexican all the time you may not want 36 tortillas (although trust me, it's an oddly comforting feeling), but these last about two weeks and surely there are plenty of ways to enjoy them before they expire.


One great, simple thing is a quesadilla. The one above is made using fresh mozzarella cheese, cilanto and tomato salsa. Ta-da! Mozzarella is very close to Oaxacan cheese; certainly closer than the crap that gets passed off as Oaxacan here in most grocery stores. The tomato sauce was leftover from the previous post's recipe and the cilantro could be replaced with parsley if you have an aversion. Anyway, it's quick and easy with countless variations and I bet it would be easy enough to eat twelve of these within two weeks. Let's see.

Our tortillas are now available throughout the Bay Area, from San Francisco east and north. we're working on the south bay. You can ask your retailer to have us add them to our route and we'll make our weekly deliveries. They are made from heirloom corn and use the ancient process of nixtamalization to make the masa (dough.) They taste great, too.

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