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A Reader Discovers Red Nightfall

One of my earliest online customers, Mary Anita, wrote me recently about her love affaire with Red Nightfall. Hi Steve, I'm sure you remember me as a great bean lover. However, I have found the bean of my dreams!! The red nightfall is the most delightful morsel I've ever tasted. I bought them just because of their great beauty when I shopped at the Ferry Bldg in Dec. I cooked a batch to serve with some animal part or another and fell in love with the richness of the pot liquor and the delectability of the bean. Red_nightfall005 Last night I made a cassoulet/cazuela (more Spanish than French) with chicken thighs, aidells garlic chicken sausage, a bit of my homegrown, canned tomatoes, pimenton and bread crumbs. I sprinkled a bit of gremolata on top, served with crusty bread, arugula and tangerine salad from the garden with a walnut oil meyer lemon vinaigrette They remarkably hold their shape and, to be delicate, do not cause digestive effects. Rio Zape is my favorite Mexican cooking bean, but Red Nightfall is now my favorite European ingredient. I normally don't get up from the dinner table to report on my culinary accomplishments, but tonight I was compelled and it was leftovers! I think these are one of my favorite looking beans and the flavor and texture are out of this world as well. Sometimes you see them called Mayflower and the story is they came over with the pilgrims, but being that these are a New World bean, I rather doubt it.

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