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A Really Swell Website


Do you remember the old days of the web, before it was a shopping mall and blog management tool? The site Casa Gregorio reminds me of how neat it used to be. It's the very personal blog of a fellow named Gregory in San Jose. He updates it religiously but instead of pouring his soul out or sharing a needless recipe for brownies, his entries are short and sweet and accompanied by a photo. It's personal because you really get a sense of Gregory's aesthetic and you learn about him more from the clues he leaves than any actual personal information. I think a lot of us could learn a thing or two from his style of blogging.


His number one subject seems to be Mexico, but he also indulges his interests in beaches all over the world, Latin American popular culture, Spain and yoga. I like checking in to brush up on my Spanish and see what clue Gregory has left today.

This isn't earth-shattering but it does bring home how in little ways some people are making the web a more interesting place.

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