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A Small Rant for a Hot Thursday


I used to sell beans bulk at the farmers markets. It was a pain but it looked beautiful and scooping up the beans and putting them into bags was kind of fun. The problem is that people with obvious colds or hygiene issues would insist on running their hands through the beans while smiling and telling me how good it felt. These were rarely the same people who actually purchased the beans.


As I contemplated going into bags, a fellow vendor insisted I do 10 or 12 ounce bags. "Most people think there's 12 ounces in a pound.Charge 'em for a pound but give them 12 ounces." This seemed pretty creepy and although there was a moment's hesitation, I did what I consider the right thing and stuck with an even pound.

I know our beans aren't as cheap as pintos from China but they're still good value and just pennies a serving. I'm seeing competition crop up and while I think more people involved raises the bar and the awareness about heirloom beans, watch the packaging closely. I'm seeing beans the same price or a little cheaper, but when you look, it's a 12 ounce bag.

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