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A Very Busy Weekend


On the Road

So many events! So little time! Woe is me! Not long ago we had a huge weekend that took me away from my usual weekend activity of watching Tivo'd Judge Judy reruns. I coped. I survived. I thrived.

First, the Taste event of the Napa Valley Wine Auction:


Then I was guest oyster shucker at Hog Island Oysters at the Oxbow market in Napa. Lots of fun but most of my friends went to San Francisco or Tomales, thinking I was there instead of Napa.


Finally, the big Cochon 555 event in San Francisco where I was a uest judge. Linda and Susan served beans and Staffan Terje from Perbacco took home the big prize.




Now I'm like Cinderella and all is back to normal.

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