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All Hail Posole!

I hadn't made posole for a long time. I had some friends coming over for New Years Eve and thought I'd revisit this ingredient. In a word: WOW! I just can't get over how delicious and easy it is to make. And it's versatile. Posole-pozole For a while, I was making it with chicken stock and the frozen "Seafood Medley" from Trader Joes. Now that I'm a little more aware about Seafood Watch, I think I'll stick to chicken or pork. This recipe, Pork Neck and Green Chile Posole, from the otherwise stable Serious Eats, looks good except if you follow the instructions, your corn will never cook, let alone "flower". I mentioned it before but as I ate bowls of my own delicious New Years Posole, it dawned on me that the star of this dish is the corn, which is nixtamalized. Canned hominy is ok but you don't get that hit of nixtamal that you get from the homemade or our own prepared hominy. The canned is also squeaky. I'd pass.

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