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Bean Fields of Caifornia


Last week I met a new farmer just outside of the delta who is interested in growing for Rancho Gordo.


It's kind of funny because at my trial gardens in Napa, I have lovely rows of beans and redwoods and some flowers but the reality of commercial bean growing is so much different. You need acreage and machines and it's not all that glamorous, by most standards, yet I get so excited about the possibility of another acre in California going to beans.


This particular farm is in just outside of Walnut Grove and is certified organic. For you localvores, it's about 60 miles from Napa and 75 miles to San Francisco. In addition to one of the cranberry beans, this farm will grow organic, non-GMO starch corn for pozole/posole, hominy and nixtamalized masa for tortillas and tamales.

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I’ve always bought organic beans, but your beans were gifted to me by a friend who is a great chef. Could you please tell me about your farming practices? Do you use glyphosate? Thank you!

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