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Bean Trials 2008: Some Reports from the Fields


So far most of my new beans are doing great, if not better. There are a few that seem healthy and happy but show no signs of flowering, let alone beans. There are a lot of factors like the number of daylight hours, altitude and heat the might affect different varieties. I'm not so worried as we still have a ways to go.


Gemme is the gardener at the the seminal Napa restaurant Mustard's and here's a shot of her round black beans. These beans were actually from San Cristobal and hunted down by Connie Green of the Wine Forest.

Her friend Rebecca seems to be laughing at Gemme's lack of beans!


But it's a glorious plant!

Debbie Morton over at Kenwood has the same issue:

Perhaps you can tell me if I'm doing something wrong? I planted Patz Cuarenzes from Mexico on 5/17, they are definitely pole beans and are trellised and beautiful, but not one flower to date! Is this usual or am I growing ornamentals!

That's the fun of bean trials! They may never bloom and bear beans and it may be they blossom and produce beans in a flurry. And it may be they belong in their regions in Mexico and not anywhere else.

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